“Let’s Make a Difference”

“The citizens of Beacon deserve much more than the current Mayor and City Council are giving them”-Terry Hockler

Beacon City Hall

Why I am Running

Welcome to my website.  My name Is Terry Hockler, and I am running for Mayor of the City of Beacon, New York.  Our City has gone through many changes. But the recent development has not fit the needs of the community.  The essence, charm and well-being of this city is being compromised by incompetent politicians and greedy developers. I would like to do something about it.

Community Involvement

City of Beacon Seal

“I want my campaign, website and social media posts to educate the public on to the signficant challenges facing this city.  The current adminstration has done a poor job including the community in the decision making process.”


“Our Mayor and City Council have brazenly sold, almost always to the lowest bidder, valuable city property.  Now our firehouses, school property and parks are at risk”Terry Hockler

“I am against the sale or lease of any city property.”
Terry Hockler
“The city needs to allow its residents to have a greater say in decisions that affect their lives.
- Terry Hockler
“We must take greater care when deciding to allow development of our few remaining open spaces”
Terry Hockler


Store owners and tenants are being forced out by escalating rents and homeowners by higher taxes”-Terry Hockler

“We must ensure a range of housing opportunities that are available to a wide variety of income levels.”- Terry Hockler
The planning and zoning boards should have more members, and should be elected” – Terry Hockler
“We must continue to maintain our current parks and open spaces to ensure their use for future generations”- Terry Hockler